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High Strength Permanent Magnet King -NdFeB

by Stanford Magnets

In 1983, the third generation of Na-Fe-B came out. Its magnetic field intensity is ten times higher than that of ordinary magnets, and its service life is as high as ten years. So far, it is the highest magnetic material product (MGOE) permanent magnet material discovered in human society. It is known as "permanent magnet king". It is widely used in the fields of national defense, space technology, microwave, communication, electronics, medical care and other high-tech fields.

Working principle of scale and scale prevention of NdFeB

After magnetized by high strength NdFeB, water molecules bond deformed angle and length, hydrogen bond angle decreases from 105 degrees to 103 degrees, the physical and chemical properties of water changes, water solubility and activity is greatly improved, the generation of the lower soft decomposition of calcium bicarbonate of calcium carbonate in water in the cooking process that is not easy to accumulate in the walls, taken away easily by water. The degree of polymerization of external water increases, and the dissolved solid material becomes finer particles. After particle refinement, the distance between the two ions is smaller, and it is not easy to coagulate on the wall, so as to achieve the effect of scale removal.

Illnesses and health principle of NdFeB

Because of the difference in the geographical environment, the different mineral content in the water, the harmful substances in the water affect our life and health to a great extent. Water calcium salt and magnesium salt is insoluble, have effect on absorption and Photosynthesis of plants and animals, a lot of practice and scientific experiment to prove that high strength NdFeB magnets magnetized water can change the surface tension, density, solubility and other physical properties, have a significant impact on the chemical properties of acid and alkali, and increase the activity of the magnetized water and biofilm the water permeability of the enzyme, it can improve physical health, regulate the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and nervous function, improve human immunity, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The strength of magnetized water, water molecules are activated, has high oxygen content:

1, can increase the membrane permeability, reduce blood viscosity, maintain vascular elasticity, prevent thrombosis, prevent and dissolve stones;

2, can improve human immunity, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of a variety of disease, accelerate and promote human skin smooth.

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