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Is a Permanent Magnet Motor Possible?

by Stanford Magnets

As we all know, magnets are already a crucial a part of many cars.

Permanent magnet vehicles use rare earth magnets which can be up to two instances extra powerful than traditional ferrite magnets. Those magnets are broadly utilized in portable digital devices, MRI machines, accelerometers and hysteresis clutches.

Regular electric motor

The standard electric motor uses an outside power supply passing through a rotor field to function an electromagnet drawn to the everlasting magnet, inflicting the motor to revolve. With a view to preserve this rotation, the rotor discipline reverses the polarity of the magnetic field of the electromagnet thus inflicting repulsion which in turn repels the electromagnet into movement.

A permanent magnet motor

On the opposite side of things, in place of the electromagnets inflicting rotation with the aid of being drawn to the permanent magnet, a permanent magnet motor uses the everlasting magnets to offer magnetic fields that interact with the rotor fields to create torque. This technique eliminates strength consumption by using removing want to energy the stator.

Here were many attempts to supply a motor that is based completely on everlasting magnets to generate magnetic fields for each the stator and the rotor. And while this discovery ought to result in the commercial creation of a NdFeB permanent magnet motor, it hasn’t yet.

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