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144.Four Big Markets of Magnetic Material
Magnetic materials must meet the requirements of high frequency, miniaturization, patch, high magnetic properties, low loss and electromagnetic interference resistance.

143.Metal Sticky Clay is Moving Toward a Magnet
According to foreign media reports, the latest metal clay made by researchers is similar to the alien amoeba horror film "Metamorphosis" in the 50s

142.Scientists Reveal the Magnetic Field of a Neutron Star
Scientists reveal the magnetic field of a neutron star which is like a giant permanent magnet.

141.An Invisible Reverse Magnet Cloak
Experts try to build a "reverse magnet cloak" to make objects invisible in magnetic field.

140.Superconducting Magnet in Wind Turbines
Superconducting magnet technology will be applied to large capacity wind turbines.

139.New Discovery: Magnet Can Be Used As Refrigerant
New discovery: magnet absorbs heat and can be used as refrigerant in the future.

138.Will Magnets Affect The Phone Or Hard Disk?
Many people are paranoid about magnets near electronic products. They worry that the screen will be deformed, the stored files will disappear

137.How Superconductors Are Found
Scientists have discovered that many metals and alloys have the property of completely losing resistance and complete diamagnetic resistance at low temperature.

136.Complete Diamagnetic - The Most Important Feature of Superconductors
Later, people have also done the experiment in a shallow tin plate, put in a very small magnetic very strong permanent magnet

135.The Application of Superconducting Magnetic Levitation
Magnetic levitation train is regarded as one of the most promising high-tech transportation means in twenty-first Century

134.How to Judge Permanent Magnet Products
NdFeB permanent magnets are also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate. As an important modern industrial magnetic material, it promotes the progress of modern technology and society.

133.How NdFeB Magnets are Made
NdFeB magnets are brittle and have poor mechanical properties. They can only be used for grinding and cutting.

132.How to Judge the Quality of Sintered NdFeB Magnets?
Sintered NdFeB permanent magnets, as one of the important materials to promote modern technology and social progress, are widely used in the following fields.

131.Is There The Possibility of Magnet Renaissance?
As we all know, TDK is a company created by the invention of ferrites, which has always been the core competitiveness of magnetic products. Magnetic materials have their special meaning in every era.

130.Comparison of Various Magnetic Materials
Neodymium iron boron: the highest performance, price, good strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

129.Why Are NdFeB Magnets so Important to Motor
The motor is mainly using NdFeB strong magnetic materials, sintered magnets and bonded magnets. The permanent magnet motor with NdFeB magnet as motor magnet is small in size, light in weight.