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What are the Sorts of Magnetic Metals?

by Stanford Magnets

Magnetic Metals List


•aluminum •platinum


•iron •nickel •cobalt


•carbon graphite •gold •lead •bismuth

It's far common knowledge that magnets entice metals but no longer all metals. A few metals contain positive properties that lead them to greater magnetic than others. One metallic this is highly magnetic is iron. There are 3 important sorts of magnetic metals: paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, and diamagnetic.

Paramagnetic metals

Paramagnetic metals are very weakly magnetic in evaluation to ferromagnetic metals. In contrast to ferromagnetic materials, those do not preserve magnetism once a magnetic area is removed. A few examples of paramagnetic metals are: platinum and aluminum.

Ferromagnetic metals

Ferromagnetic metals have the most powerful appeal to metals. It's also thrilling to observe that those materials also are normally used to make magnets. As an example, Neodymium magnets are made from neodymium, iron and boron (NdFeB).

Ferromagnetic substances can keep their magnetic area. In other phrases, in case you had been to rub a sturdy neodymium magnet in opposition to a screwdriver made with iron, the screwdriver could retain a number of that magnetism. Whilst you cast off the magnet and vicinity the screwdriver subsequent to a magnetic fabric like a paperclip, it might act like a magnet and pick it up.

Diamagnetic metals

Instead of being strongly or weakly drawn to magnets, this kind of steel is commonly repelled with the aid of magnetic fields. In contrast to paramagnetic materials that create an induced magnetic discipline within the same route because the carried out magnetic field, diamagnetic materials create one this is in the opposite course. This is what causes those metals to repel magnets, and in some instances of levitation, diamagnetism is at work.

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