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Are Wind Turbines Economically Viable in Britain?

by Stanford Magnets

If Britain establishes wind energy as their main energy source, they will be able to create a large number of new job opportunities. This can provide a huge influx of job opportunities in the short run since the implementation of wind turbines require a lot of manpower. Moreover, the maintenance of these wind farms can give life to a considerable amount of sustainable jobs. Monitoring the wind farms, maintaining the machines and making plans for enhancements are some of the factors which result in these sustainable long term jobs.

The fossil fuel industry is often affected by inflation, price fluctuations and price gouging. The limited supply of coal and oil plays a major role behind this. Wind energy is the best alternative available for these issues. Since wind energy is unlimited, it has a strong resistance to price fluctuations. This will assist the financial experts to maintain economic stability within Britain.

Since more countries are becoming aware of the large benefits of wind energy, the demand for wind turbines and other machinery has increased at a rapid pace. This can benefit Britain in terms of trading. They can manufacture new turbines and sell them to the countries that do not have the technology to manufacture their own ones.

Using wind power can also improve the environment for the present as well as future generations. This has the potential to create a significant impact on the economy of Britain. Wind energy does not make any emissions and pollute water and air like fossil fuels. If all the coal farms are replaced with wind farms, we will get the opportunity to enjoy the freshness of much cleaner air. This will help people to stay away from fatal diseases such as cancers and provide their maximum towards the economy of the country.

Overall, wind energy can be considered as a sustainable and an environmental friendly energy source that provide a wide array of benefits for the economy of Britain. If all the countries use wind energy, their living standards could easily be improved.

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