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133.How NdFeB Magnets are Made
NdFeB magnets are brittle and have poor mechanical properties. They can only be used for grinding and cutting.

132.How to Judge the Quality of Sintered NdFeB Magnets?
Sintered NdFeB permanent magnets, as one of the important materials to promote modern technology and social progress, are widely used in the following fields.

131.Is There The Possibility of Magnet Renaissance?
As we all know, TDK is a company created by the invention of ferrites, which has always been the core competitiveness of magnetic products. Magnetic materials have their special meaning in every era.

130.Comparison of Various Magnetic Materials
Neodymium iron boron: the highest performance, price, good strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

129.Why Are NdFeB Magnets so Important to Motor
The motor is mainly using NdFeB strong magnetic materials, sintered magnets and bonded magnets. The permanent magnet motor with NdFeB magnet as motor magnet is small in size, light in weight.

128.The Performance Analysis of a Powerful Magnet
A strong magnet has a special force. Like electricity, magnetism is invisible to human magnetism, but its influence can be seen everywhere.

127.Is a Permanent Magnet Motor Possible?
As we all know, magnets are already a crucial a part of many cars. Permanent magnet vehicles use rare earth magnets which can be up to two instances extra powerful than traditional ferrite magnets.

126.How Does A Gaussmeter Work?
Gaussmeters are a little extra sophisticated. Magnets are normally given a gauss rating and can supply a few clue as to the pulling strength.

125.What are the Sorts of Magnetic Metals?
It's far common knowledge that magnets entice metals but no longer all metals. A few metals contain positive properties that lead them to greater magnetic than others.

124.The Numerous Shapes of Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium magnets come in a selection of styles and sizes like disc, sphere, horseshoe and a number of different unique bureaucracy. Each magnet’s shape has a power how it is used.

123.What Magnets are Used in Everyday Life
Magnets are historic. They’re so old the real discovery of magnetism is extremely of a legend. It become stated that approximately 4000 years ago

122.Antimatter of NdFeB Permanent Magnetic Material
The antimatter of NdFeB permanent magnetic material, the existence of antimatter in the universe is a major scientific proposition. According to the widely accepted theory of big explosion.

121.How to Quickly And Accurately Select Ferrite Rings
You may know the usefulness of ferrites, but you may not know the advantages of ferrite rings. What are the advantages of ferrite rings? What do you need to pay attention to choosing ferrite rings?

120.How Are the Magnets Made?
The ferrites, such as iron, cobalt, nickel, are different. The internal electron spin can be arranged spontaneously in a small range to form a spontaneous magnetization area.

119.High Strength Permanent Magnet King -NdFeB
NdFeB is known as "permanent magnet king". It is widely used in the fields of national defense, space technology, microwave, communication, electronics, medical care and other high-tech fields.

118.Necessary Coating of Super Magnets
Neodymium is easily to react to oxygen and oxidises quickly if untreated. That's why all neodymium magnets are covered with a protective coating.