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114.Neodymium Magnets used in Magnetic Motor Applications
Neodymium magnets also are utilized in electric automobile motor packages. From the motor that spins a DVD disc to the wheels of a hybrid vehicle, neodymium magnets are used in the course of the vehicle.

113.What is NeFeB Radial Ring
We usually see NeFeB radial ring in the motor, it is made up of an arc magnet into a similar approximate radial ring. But strictly speaking, the "ring" after the splicing is not the real radial ring.

112.What Is Length-to-diameter Ratio (L/D)?
We usually say the magnetic length/effective pole diameter (L/D) is not suitable when we explain to customers

111.What is the Magnetism of Ball Magnets like
Iron, cobalt, nickel, manganese and their alloy atoms all have magnetic moment.

109.The Magnetic Sticker on Refrigerator is Single-sided Magnet
This is because the magnetic sticker on refrigerator is a kind of special magnet structure called Halbach Array.

107.The Information Needed for the Customization of Magnets
The magnet materials we offer include NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, Alnico, flexible magnets and so on.

106.Temperature Effects on Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, magnets

105.A Guide on Features of Neodymium Ball Magnets
A Guide on Features of Neodymium Ball Magnets

104.Large Magnets and Small Magnets Safety Precautions
Large Magnets and Small Magnets Safety Precautions

103.Resting Concerns About Wasted Energy
Resting Concerns About Wasted Energy

102.Too many wind turbines causes "dirty air"
The plethora of wind farms added to the U.S. power grid in recent years clearly indicates the rapidly growing demand of wind power. But it is important to know what number is the limit.

101.Is China Exploiting Its Position As A Major Supplier Of Rare-Earths?
China is still confident that the dependency on it can never be eliminated and it will maintain its position in the global rare-earth metals market for a long period of time. But how long will the international community allow it to exploit its position, before finding other sources?

100.The Effects Of Extracting Rare-Earth Metals In China
China aims to speed up the industrial application and promotion of the process of separation of low-carbon and low-sodium free ammonia nitrogen rare earth oxide and purification technology along with finalizing the demonstration of the industrial application of rare earth metal ore.

99.Carbon Tax to Reduce Pollution
Several countries have gone as far as to implement different measures in order to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution. Carbon tax is one such initiative taken by the UK government.

98.Can Wind Farms Steal Each Other's Energy?
Wind power is growing faster than ever. According to several scientists, it is even possible to have so many wind turbines, which can steal each other's wind.

97.How Do Birds Navigate By Magnet Fields?
The visual magnetic receptor and the magnetite receptor harmonize one another, with birds making use of the receptors present in their beaks just like GPS and utilizing visual magnetic details just like a compass to find out which way they are facing.