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93.Illegal Rare-Earth Smuggling Affects Chinese Industry
The Chinese government started cracking down on the smuggling of the rare earth elements. In 2013, they lost an estimated 19,000 tons of rare-earth oxides, which were illegally mined and exported.

92.The Impending Future of Neodymium Magnets in Motors
The development of rare earth magnets such as Neodymium magnets has given life to a promising future for the applications that use motors.

91.Are Wind Turbines Economically Viable in Britain?
If Britain establishes wind energy as their main energy source, they will be able to create a large number of new job opportunities. This can provide a huge influx of job opportunities in the short run since the implementation of wind turbines require a lot of manpower.

90.China Intensifies Economic Instability of Neodymium Magnets in Motors
The development of neodymium magnets by General Motors provided a stronger, easier to manufacture, and more abundant alternative.

89.Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick?
Wind farms have become one of the major energy generation methods in the present world. They can be found in many countries in the world in large scale.

88.Recent Trends In The Rare-Earth Industry-Who Will Benefit And Who Will Lose?
The recent manipulation in China has given life to some of the notable trends in the rare earth industry during the past few years. It can clearly be seen from the Global and Chinese Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Industry Report 2013. It is basically an in-depth study conducted by a group of professionals to figure out where the rare earth industry is heading.

87.The Importance Of Neodymium Magnets In The Present World
Out of the available magnets in the present world, neodymium has gained much attention due to its unique and interesting properties.

86.Reasons Available To Use Wind To Cater Energy Requirements
Wind energy is a renewable energy source, which means it can be produced again and again and available in plenty.

85.WTO Requested China To Pause Restriction of Rare Earth Exports
During the past few years, several reasons have forced the Chinese government to restrict their rare-earth exports, which aroused the WTO's attention.

84.Disc Technology Highlights A New Frontier
The Magnetoresistance revolution has become so widespread in popular technology that the industry relies on it for it storage and generative properties.

83.DIY Magnetic FerroFluid and Have Fun With It
This is an simple instruction on how to make ferrofluid, and what type of experiment you can do with the ferrofluid.

82.Stanford Magnets Introduces Indestructible Rubber Coated Magnets
Stanford Magnets the leading magnet manufacture has announced today the expansion of their product line to include rubber coated magnets.

81.Introducing the Remarkable Neodymium Magnets and Everyday Applications
Due to the easily available raw materials along with the affordable price and remarkable product performance, neodymium magnets of all shapes and sizes are mass produced and are readily available for numerous applications in electronics, jewelry, toys and various industrial equipment.

80.Magnetization of Rare Earth Magnets
The magnetization of a magnetized material is the local value of its magnetic moment per unit volume, usually denoted M, with units A/m.

79.How to Prepare Your Inquiry For Our Rare Earth Magnets
Our manufacturer specializes in manufacturing rare earth magnets according to customers' specifications. In order for us to supply you the right product at a good price, we need you to provide us with as much information as possible about your magnet (See our Quotation Request Form).

78.How to Choose the Correct Grade of Rare Earth Magnet Materials
Selecting a grade is the next step, once you have decided which permanent magnet material is best for your application.