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Introducing the Remarkable Neodymium Magnets and Everyday Applications

by Stanford Magnets

As the world invents and develops, we humans are continuously being introduced to new materials and methods for improving our living standards and making life easy. Leaps in the magnets industry is yet another area of development and focus. Neodymium is basically a rare Earth element which is mixed up with other important elements such as iron and boron to produce the world's strongest permanent magnets. These permanent magnets are infamously known as neodymium magnets as well as neo, NIB, NdFeb and super magnets commonly. The extreme strength threshold of these magnets can be understood from the fact that even a small mass has the ability to easily support a load a thousand times its own weight. Due to the easily available raw materials along with the affordable price and remarkable product performance, neodymium magnets of all shapes and sizes are mass produced and are readily available for numerous applications in electronics, jewelry, toys and various industrial equipment.

Neo magnets come in various grades from the weakest N24 up to the strongest i.e. N55 in terms of magnetism measurement. More commonly, the quality of the magnet purchased is also dependent upon the place or company of purchase. NIB production is carried out through separating neodymium from other minerals through sifting and then combining it with other elements such as boron and iron. Certain problem posing characteristics of neodymiums are fragility and brittle in nature which may result in instant chipping or breakage in cases of high momentum collisions. However, such magnets are more usually covered with a strong protective coating in order to prevent rusting in response to the presence of iron in them. In addition, if these super magnets are heated to temperatures above their Curie value that would result in instant, permanent and irreversible demagnetization.

In recent years, neo magnets have replaced nearly all other types of magnets that were previously being used for commercial purposes. This basically is in result to NIB's immense versatility along with successful as well as affordable application in nearly all modern products. These super strong neo's have helped revolutionized the world's usage and ease in terms of generators, computers, state of the art electronic cars, headphones, televisions and even the mobile phones that we use on an everyday basis. Due to the rapidly rising demand of these incredible neodymium magnets, many companies such as Stanford Magnets among others are also catering to pre-order industrial demands for future purposes.  

Lastly, Neodymium super magnets come in all shapes and sizes which can also be customized according to the user's criteria. Some common shapes for NiFed are neo disc magnets, ring magnets, cylinder shaped or in form of block.

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