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45.Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B)
Sintered neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnets are the most powerful commercialized permanent magnets available today, with maximum energy product ranging from 26 MGOe to 52 MGOe

44.Ndfeb magnets in maglev train
NdFeB magnet maglev application, and the use of maglev train is a non-contact electromagnetic levitation, guidance and drive system magnetic levitation high-speed train system.

43.More Practical and Niftier Uses for Neodymium Magnets
Neodymium magnets create miracles not only ion science experiments and industrial fields, but in everyday life as well.

42.Different Magnet Functions and Examples of Applications
Magnets are a very important tool in modern life and are enjoying a large variety of applications which include wind turbines, generators, electric motors, alternators, loudspeakers, hard discs, microwave ovens and different instruments, etc.. However, th

41.Manufacturing Methods of Permanent Magnets
Permanent magnets of different materials (Neodymium, SmCo, ferrite, alnico, flexible) have different manufacturing methods. In this article we will focus on the various methods and their respective advantages and drawbacks.

40.Some Issues for Magnet Assemblies Manufacturing
Stanford Magnets has the capability of manufacturing high quality magnet assemblies of different structures. The follow are the points that should be considered and performed with care during magnets assembling.

39.PM Motors Outperform Induction Motors
Induction motors are the most common type of AC motors (about 80% of all motors) used today in industrial applications due to their simplicity, rugged construction and relatively low manufacturing cost. However, fuel efficiency of this type of motor is st

38.What are the Benefits of Permanent Magnet Generators?
The situation of waning fossil fuels supply and the critical environment state are making it more and more necessary to find alternative energy sources. More and more people are choosing magnetic generators to replace traditional generators in some domest

37.Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motors-Development, Advantages and Challenges
Due to their high reliability, durability, electrical stability and relatively low cost, permanent magnetic (mainly Neodymium magnets) synchronous motors have been used in large scale on machine tools and other production machinery for many decades, such

36.Neodymium Magnets-Powerful And Interesting Tools, But Must Be Handled With Care
Neodymium Magnets are very strong and powerful. Their magnetic power allows them able to generate some magic effect. They are interesting but are not toys. Their special physical properties determine that they are easy to be damaged in magnetic characteri

35.Enjoy the Multiple Benefits Brought by Wind Turbines
You should have the confidence that with only the wind and a small scale wind turbine you can power the whole house you live in. Wind turbines capture the power of the wind and convert it to electricity. Placed in an exposed site, a typical wind turbine s

34.Rare-earth Consumption and the Uses in Neodymium Magnets
Rare-earth elements (REEs) are also known as the lanthanide series in the periodic table of elements. They are not particularly rare in terms of abundance, but for many years remained rarely separated from each other due to their similar chemical characte

33.MARS Wind Turbine--Higher Energy Conversion Efficiency
A MARS turbine, or Magenn Air Rotor System turbine, is a wind turbine located in a giant blimp that floats at 600~ 1,000 feet (183~305 meters) in the air. Compared with the traditional and conventional ones, the MARS turbines overcome several limits and a

32.Typical Structure and Working Principle of Permanent Magnet Alternator
A permanent magnet alternator (also called PMA, permanent magnet generator, PMG or magneto) relies on the magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet to convert mechanical energy into electrical power. It can generate AC current, with which it can powe

31.Neodymium Magnets in Wind Turbines & Generators
All we have already known, the wind turbines & generators can power a house with the electricity converted from wind energy. The application of All we have already known, the wind turbines & generators can power a house with the electricity conver

30.Technical Breakthrough on Reprocessing NdFeB Magnets Scraps
News has come out that technical breakthrough has been made on reprocessing NdFeB magnets scraps.