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More Practical and Niftier Uses for Neodymium Magnets

by Stanford Magnets

Neodymium magnets create miracles not only ion science experiments and industrial fields, but in everyday life as well.

A Better Organized Surroundings

Neodymium magnets can help you organize your tools and articles and offer you a neater and more comfortable living space. For example, tool sheds and garages can be organized with the use of magnets. If the tools randomly lie around in the floor, they are very likely to cause accidents; but if neatly placed in magnets suspended in walls, these articles will no longer be any trouble. Signs and labels held in steel shelves can also be fastened by magnets without damaging any surfaces.

Materials Binder in Printing World

In the printing world, Neodynium magnets have also been used as a binder of brochures, boxes and other presentation materials.

Data Eraser for Storage Media

For many years Neodymium Magnets have also been used for to erase data from audio tapes or other magnetic storage media. An electromagnetic degausser is not available everywhere, so using a magnet to remove the data in magnetic storage media should be applicable. However, for more sophisticated storage media like computer hard drives, it may take more than a magnet to really erase data in them.

Minor Dents Removal

Neodymium magnets, thanks to their attraction to certain metals, can be used to fix minor dents in metallic surfaces such as musical instruments. By rolling back and forth a spherical magnet, you can attract the dent to the magnet and then smoothen it out.

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