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Permanent Magnet Materials

by Stanford Magnets

Advances in materials science seem never ending. The ever changing requirements of science and industry necessitate more and more advanced materials. In turn, these advanced materials fuel research into more and more exciting applications for magnets. This symbiotic relationship has ensured end users a vast choice of permanent magnets materials. There are a great many factors to be considered when choosing a permanent magnets material for your application. At Dexter, we can provide you with detailed recommendations for your particular application. Our unsurpassed inventory and technical expertise will ensure that you use the ideal material for your applications and your business. Factors such as operating temperature, demagnetizing effects, environmental characteristics and available space all need to be considered; and to the magnetics novice, the decisions can seem overwhelming. One important consideration is that while material is key, the utilization of an optimized design is of primary importance. At Dexter, we can not only recommend materials, we can assist in design. Why use premium Sm-Co materials, when a ceramic ferrite magnet will do? Our driving force is to provide you with the best solution for your application. Our inventory and design expertise will get you to that point. There are 4 major families of permanent magnets - neodymium-iron-boron [Nd-Fe-B], samarium-cobalt [Sm-Co], alnico, and hard ferrite [ceramic]. Using these materials, as well as electromagnets, we can provide you with the unique solutions that you need. Although we cannot break the rules of physics, you will see that we can certainly bend them to your advantage!

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