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SMBC0023 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet

Product ID: SMBC0023
Material: Ferrite
Shape: Block
Dimension: 6'' x 4'' x 1 Thickness
Weight(Oz.): 70
Grade: C8
Coating: Magnets Requiring no Protective Coating
Pull Force(Lbs): 41
Magnetization direction: Through Thickness
Magnetic Face: 6" x 4"

The SMBC0023 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet is made from high performance C8 Ferrite, without other protective coating. The dimension of this item is 6" × 4" × 1 Thickness, magnetized Through Thickness. The weight of this super strong ceramic magnet is 4.375 lbs. It can pull up to 41 lbs steel.

SMBC0023 Ceramic/Ferrite Block Magnet Safety Tips

The smbc0023 ceramic/ferrite block magnet has a very strong attractive force. Unsafe handling could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between magnets. This may lead to contusions and bruises.

  • You should always wear heavy protective gloves and eye protection when handling the smbc0023 ceramic/ferrite block magnet.
  • Store the smbc0023 ceramic/ferrite block magnet at least one meter away from your body.
  • Separate this item with a piece of cardboard.

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